Where is the Company registered?
Oyster Investments Limited is registered and located in Seychelles.
Registration Company number: 123878, since 30.04.2013
Which e-currencies do you accept?
For now we accept only Bitcoin payments.
Who can be your investor?
We invite everyone to be an investor. Our investment project is international, so you can become an investor, regardless of your country of residence. Just fill a registration form to start investing.
How many deposits can be made within the same investment plan?
You can make an unlimited number of deposits.
Do you pay interest on weekends?
Yes. You can still earn profit on weekends and holidays.
Is there a referral program?
Yes. There is an opportunity for our members to earn some extra income, by inviting other people to open an investment account with BitOyster.biz - Best place to invest
How can I find my referrals details?
Just log into your account and click on "Your Referrals". It contains all of your referral's information and your commission earnings.
How quickly will my deposit be activated?
The deposit activation happens instantly, after 3 confirmations have been established in the blockchain network.
How long does it take to withdraw my funds?
All withdrawals are processed instantly.
I've made a deposit. When the first profit will be accrued?
Your first profit will be accrued 24 hours after you've completed your first deposit.
I can't find the answer to my question
Contact us using the "Support" contact form, Skype or email:support@bitoyster.biz